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about us

We are an integrated enterprise-oriented communication agency that for more than 30 years has been the ideal partner of many companies for marketing related activities.

Thanks to its consolidated experience, dialoga has been able to diversify and discover with foresight, new professionalism and new tools, to optimize the effectiveness of each communication project.


Everyone is creative

it is the quality of someone who knows how to communicate the advantages through emotions.  

Everyone is competent: it's the minimum for those who turn good ideas into business.

Not everyone knows how to listen to their customers. That's why we call ourselves Dialogacrea, a communication agency different from "everyone else".

The name Dialogacrea expresses the way we think and act. For us, dialogue is the basis for creating effective ways and forms of communication. Dialogue is between us and our customers, between companies and their customers, between art and communication.

Dialogacrea means listening, talking, creating with words and images, the numbers of your companies.


DialogaStand designs and builds exhibition stands worldwide guaranteeing a turnkey service:

From the structure of the booth to the contracts for the exhibition space, including hostesses, communication media, furnishings and catering, a stand created by DialogaStand is a hymn to hospitality and business promotion.


Communicate your passion through a window into the world.

DialogaWeb creates corporate websites with passion and dedication. The experience of dialogue learned over the years is applied to the world of the web to obtain the maximum result. The images, structure and words dialogue with customers, telling the aspects of your business.


Opening a store, presenting a new product, celebrating an important anniversary, illustrating the sponsorship of a sports or cultural event is not difficult. It is difficult to ensure that the relevant event receives the necessary echo in the media and it is remembered.

DialogaEvents, thanks to the synergy with dialogaStands, dialogaCrea and dialogaArte, provides customers with a wealth of relationships and knowledge gained in over 30 years of activity: people, structures and means that work like a well lubricated machine, with a touch of artistic flair capable of making every event memorable.


To operate creativity, create value, enhance works.

DialogaArte aims to make artworks known and appreciated in the physical space, at its headquarters, and in a virtual space that breaks down territorial boundaries.

Paintings and sculptures, designer graphics, unique pieces of furniture, design and high craftsmanship are presented to the public leaving to individual sensibility the intimate taste of the relationship with the work.



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